December Bundle of the Month

The holidays are stressful. Don't forget to take a minute to relax, unwind and get some rest! 

Cyber Monday Flash Sale!


Get me free during the month of November

The Very Sleepy™ Big Bath Bar can be yours free with the purchase of any five items during the month of November. Learn more ...

The Buzz About Magnesium

Magnesium is a critical mineral in the human body and can be absorbed through the skin. Did you know that it has been used for centuries in promoting wellness? ...

It’s Fall Y’all!

As temperatures start to dip it's a good time to support your skin and your health. If you haven't tried our topical patches yet, the Innov8tive Immune is a great product to introduce you to the power of the patch!

Ignite Success System For Weight Management

Innov8tive Ignite is our topical 2-patch system for helping with weight management goals. The patches help your body to burn fat, assist your body to boost metabolism, helps to curb appetite and helps to stabilize blood sugars. Like any weight management program, a solid nutrition plan goes hand-in-hand with success and we've prepared a guide to help you achieve optimal success.

Get the October Product of the Month FREE!

Purchase any five products, and receive Time Oat Bath Powder FREE!* A calming bath powder with chamomile and oats. Our moms said there’d be days like this … you know the kind when you just need to put yourself in a time out? You deserve to take one with this calming bath powder. Soothing oats cleanse and moisturize, while chamomile calms skin as you soak and relax.

5 Seconds to Better Sleep

Sleep care is the new self-care. So, why is sleep so important? It’s a vital part of your health and wellness. You may not realize it, but the amount and quality of sleep you get each night can impact your overall wellness.